Strangers in the night

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /

“Cling!” The spoon fell on the ground jolting me out of deep slumber. Eyes open I lay still with bated breath, training my ears to catch more unusual sounds. “Cling!” Once again I heard it. I started perspiring profusely. Breathing heavily, I closed my eyes tight and coughed. No response. I coughed again.

“It’s a rat dear. Don’t worry. Go off to sleep.” Dad called out from the neighbouring room. Dad knew I was scared. The cough gave me away. But I was not ashamed. I knew Dad was awake. I felt safe and secure. I drifted off to dream.

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

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    • Oh! It’s like this. I was always scared of those strangers called thieves who prowl around in the night. So whenever I heard something I would cough to make sure Dad was awake. It gave me a sense of security. The strangers who actually made sounds were generally a mice or two who had somehow managed to get into the house. Their presence was known by the sound of a spoon or some other metal thing falling down or being disturbed from their place. The next day the mice would be caught. So you see who the strangers were- rats and not thieves.


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