It’s a small world


April 1967

Flinging open the door two little bundles back laden with a bag full of books, ran in. Bags thrown to one side, shoes unbuckled and placed on the rack the duo ran into the kitchen. Before the lady of the house could gather her wits the two had planted a kiss each on her cheeks.

“Mom,” the two asked in unison, “Where is the parcel?”

“Whch parcel?”

“The one that Nani has sent.”

“Oh! That one. Well it may take another few days.”

Eyes downcast they went into the bathroom to freshen up.

This had been the regular routine since the past three days. Each day the duo would return from school eager to open the parcel and savour the “chakka varatti”( Jack fruit jam) that grandma had sent for them by post. The little ones could not understand the reason for the delay. The letter from Grandma had arrived four days back bringing with it good tidings, tidings regarding the parcel. Yet it was still far from reach. Mom tried to console them. She explained to them that a letter from Kerala takes minimum 4 to 5 days to reach UP; the parcel takes a longer time. After all it has to come by train. She reminded them that they themselves had to spend at least four days on the train to reach grandma’s place while on vacation.

The parcel arrived two days later.


5th March 2010

Ananya (one of the duo) was on a official trip to Delhi. It was Rohit’s birthday. Yet she was not with him. He was there in Trivandrum and she was here in Delhi. This was the first time after marriage that they were not together for his birthday. She wished she could be with him, prepare his favourite dishes, make that special ‘paysam’ (Sweet dish) he loved so much. Only the previous day she had called up an online store and ordered a gift for him. He was passionate about books so why not one for him she thought. The Sales Manager had assured her the book would be delivered to him via express mail delivery at his office, at sharp 10 in the morning this day.

Yet, she wished she could do something special, something unusual. Suddenly it struck her, “How about a bouquet of red roses?”

Fingers tapped vigorously on the keypad browsing the net for the number of the famous flower shop at Palayam in Trivandrum. Number ready she quickly dialed the store.

“Hello, Spring Flowers. What can I do for you?” a female voice answered the call.

“Hello, Can you take an order for a bouquet of red roses to be delivered at Thycaud sharp at 10.00 am today .”

“Sure Ma’am, could you give me the address?”

Ananya relayed the address over phone and left necessary instructions with the lady.

The next half hour dragged on. Every now and then she looked at her watch.

10.05 am

The phone rang. Ananya knew it was him calling.

The gift and the bouquet of roses had made his day. However they were no substitute to her presence.


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    • Yes Kathy a flower is a wonderful gift that nature has blessed mankind with. It’s fragrance charges the mind while it’s very sight is a treat to the eyes.


  1. “The gift and the bouquet of roses had made his day. However they were no substitute to her presence.”… So true…

    And no…
    I am tempted to eat chakkavaratti now 😦

    Nice one,.


  2. Ohh, that Chakka Varratti made me remember my Ammamma. She used to keep them ready for us just before we reached during our summer vacations. And guess what, I haven’t had chakka varratti for the last 10+ years…:-( Nice take on the prompt Geeta Ma’am! 🙂


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