Blessing in disguise

Image courtesy of gubgib at

Image courtesy of gubgib at

The lamp went out suddenly, throwing the room in darkness. The moon too had decided to hide behind the clouds. Suddenly Tripthi felt something crawl down her back. Body taught she tried to trace and catch the thing. But the creature wriggled away and in the process bit her. She quickly wriggled out of the dress, shook it and wore it again. She lighted the lamp. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. The lamp had gone off at the right moment.

Only a torn curtain hung between Tripthi and the world outside. The darkness was a blessing in disguise.


A 100 word drabble written on the prompt “A blessing In disguise” at

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    • Thank you Robyn. But then what do yo do if you do not have another pair of clothes or the only other pair is washed and has not as yet dried out. Here Tripthi’s state was the same.


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