People I met on the way


Moving ahead on life’s journey
I came across teachers innumerable
The first teacher, my mother
Loving, caring yet stern

Lessons in morality she taught me
Right or wrong I learnt to know
My friend, philosopher and guide she is
A woman of substance, strong

Dad was another wonderful tutor
A man who helped me overcome my flaws
The timid me drew strength from him
Learnt to fight and stand on my own

Teachers there were many more
All great, intelligent, loving
Yet some I must make mention here
A tribute to them I owe

Afternoons in second were a delight
Sleep we were supposed to do
Yet restless we could not help but chatter
The tongue would not rest for long

Sr. Magda a wonderful Italian
Class teacher of second would bribe us with ‘pudding’
Silence and sleep would follow on hearing
‘Pudding’ (chocolates) ready, mouths would open ***

A lady fine in Mrs. Edgar we found^^^
Understanding, loving, witty no doubt
Geography a pet she made of ours
Welcome she was always in class

Mornings we went early to school
Sleep insufficient we had to choose
Mrs. Edgar would suddenly call out aloud
‘Goodnight my dear’ as a yawn was let out

Inquisitive eyes looking around
Trying to spot the Mrs. Edgar’s ‘dear’
Failing in mission we’d all return back
The ‘dear’ was always a mystery for us

Miss Bella, the Physics Ma’am tall and thin
Dark ,beautiful with flowing hair
Soft in speech and heart she was
Physics she loved and made us love too

Many more there were I must say
Many more there are even today
In each person I meet a teacher I see
Child, youth, adult, aged whoever they be

Life is a world teeming with millions
Millions all humans entirely different
Each a teacher in his own very way
And a student too no doubt, I must say.


*** ( Sr. Magadalena would pop in a chocolate each in our mouth. That was her’pudding’)

^^^(Mrs. Edgar was an adorable person. Aged yet beautiful. She had something about her that automatically pulled us towards her, A magnet she was.As soon as someone in class yawned, she would wish the person ‘Good Night’, not sarcastically but genuinely. But except for the person concerned no one else knew who she had addressed. It was always a mystery for us.Once when we were in the X std. she got one of the girl’s who was literally falling off due to sleep, to go to back of the class, put three chairs together and sleep. A truly adorable person she was.)

In fact, I must say that all my teachers in Kindergarden and school were adorable. Stern they were, yet loving too.Each one of them was a gem. The rod was never taken up. No sort of physical or mental punishment was applied. The erring got away with a simple imposition. Was lucky to have them as my teachers in the days when my character was shaped.

I also fondly remember all my lecturers and professors in college. Each one of them contributed in one way or the other in shaping my mind and intellect. I owe my personality to all I met on the way right from my birth till this day.


Inspired by the theme ‘People.’

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