Travel I did start
Long before I was born
The mother’s womb was but
A mini world for me

Each turn, each twist was a journey
A journey towards life unknown
The future I not bothered
Knowing I’d not be alone

Then one day I traveled
To a new world full of light
The travel was not easy
But I had to move and try

An alien world I entered
Frightened of all around
The first rays of the new world
Made me cry with force aloud

The people around
Found me cute and beautiful
They fawned and purred on seeing me
As though I was a princess little

I traveled on a journey
Different from that I’d known till then
There I didn’t have company
Here there were millions

As I grew up I started
To like this world around
The journey of life took me
Through roads hitherto unknown

The day I took me first step
Freedom new I found
The day I lisped my first words
All hell broke around

The KG days were probably
The best I’d ever known
Then through school I did travel
The sail was smooth and safe

The college days were adventurous
New friends I did make
Slowly travelling forward
I made a career great

Then came marriage sudden
A new journey awaited me
From daughter to wife to mother
The travel was tension free

The journeys all were beautiful
Many a face I did see
The travel was an experience
That helped make me, me

The joys, the sorrows I experienced
Were the guides I met on the way
They showed me the way and left me
To learn my lessons my way

Not one lap have I regretted
Not one friend have I forgotten
The passengers I met on this travel
Have helped me in their own little way

The travel till now has been wonderful
Interesting, intriguing, exhilarating
No regrets as I leave each station
Look only ahead to a new destination.


Inspired by the theme ‘Travel.’ Thought I’d just travel on a different journey –‘The journey of Life.’

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013 at
Write Tribe

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About Geeta Nair

Born in Independent India to two really wonderful people who cherished and nourished me with great care, I consider myself lucky to have had the best that life could offer me. Lucky to have had the best education , the best sibling, the best husband, the best daughter,the best of everything that I could ever want, Love to live life on my terms .

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  1. Truly every moment we live, every step we take is a memorable journey if only we would stop and notice 🙂
    Loved your take on this auntie 🙂


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