Various styles of thanking


arid cracking earth
rain clouds gather, rain drops fall
a thousand hands rise


butterfly on rose
rose blushes, sweet nectar drawn
thanks uttered, love leaves


squirrel on mango
heavenly taste, wholesome meal
scratches trunk with love


baby falls from nest
lush grass breaks fall dangerous
mother crow thanks stars


the tree looked at sun
thanked the rays for helping out
chlorophyll ready


the fallen flower
hugs and kisses mother earth
gratitude conveyed


hands folded, eyes closed
prayer went up from lips soft
baby born though late.


old, infirm body
lies there helpless and hungry
relief comes, eyes speak


life hangs in balance
blood donated, man survives
hugs and hand squeezes


head on collision
kid soaring, lands on soft turf
wet eyes whisper thanks


job well accomplished
earns corporation millions
handshakes galore


tense and uneasy
fingers crossed, countdown started
rocket up, sweets here.


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