My first priceless possession



Wafting through the air
There came a smell familiar
My nostrils strained to catch
That scent, musty yet heady

I looked around me
Found nothing strange nor new
Following the scent I reached
A shelf stacked with books, old and new

Slowly, in a trance
I opened it, heart beating wild
My hands reached out to pull
One that was favourite of mine

The hardcover colourful smiled
Calling me to feel
The touch, the fragrance of
My first and best possession

I opened the book to read
The title was there bold
Story of a knight
In shining armour bright

A hero he was there
A hero he was mine
A book I had read
Admiring his gut and might.

Slowly inhaling the scent
I remembered the day I bought
The one book I had always held
Close to my heart from nine.

I slowly started to read
The story of valour and good deed
I did not know time fly
They stood there before me live


Image courtesy of  sattva  at

Image courtesy of
sattva at

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