The Liebster Award



The Liebster Award exists only on the internet and is given by bloggers to other fellow bloggers. Word has it that the award was created to recognize and/ or discover new bloggers and welcome them in the blogosphere. Now isn’t that really sweet. Ah! ‘Sweet’ reminds me the meaning of the word “liebster.” It is, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome……. But like any other award the same comes with certain strings attached.

• To accept the award one must link back to the person who nominated him/ her.

• Nominate 10 more bloggers who you feel are deserving of more subscribers.

• Answer all questions posted by the nominator.

• Create 10 questions for the nominees.

• Contact the 10 nominees and inform them that they have been nominated for this prestigious award.

Jyothi Nair has nominated me for the award. I am really honoured. I have linked back to her here.

Now it’s’ my turn to do the honours. My nominees are –

Ah! This part was the best. Researched a bit found out some new blogs that I’d never been through before. Since nearly all the blogs I’ve known and liked till now have been nominated for the prestigious award I thought I’d nominate some others that I’ve just come across and really liked. They are here-

Megha @
Anukriti Sharma @
Jayendra Dubey @
Sanhita Baruah @
Lakshmi @
Subhraleena Deka @
Rahul Ashok @
Leo @
Rajrupa Gupta @
Garima Malik @

Here are my answers to Jyothi’s questions

1. Who is it that inspired you to blog or who got you interested in blogging?
Wanted to do something of the kind after quitting my job in a Public Sector Bank, but the real inspiration is Bhavya . After reading her blogposts I felt I really had to start.

2. How does blogging help you in your daily life?

I have always loved writing but since the past two and half decades have never really had time to pour my heart out. My job in the Bank and my commitments at home took up all my time. But today I am free to do what I wish and blogging helps me relive old memories, give words to my feelings and of course make new friends and acquaintances. I have found my circle of friends widening as each day passes by and this I believe is a positive sign.

3. Who would you like to be stranded with in an unknown island for two days?

My better half of course. Life seems to be incomplete without him.

4. What are the three things we do not know about you?

a) Fussy about cleanliness. Can’t stand a dirty house, workplace or surroundings.

b) If you ask me whether I am a great cook, frankly speaking I too am yet to figure out. When it comes to simple daily South Indian Dishes I am still often at a loss. The end result – quite often a so-so dish but of course edible and no stomach cramps. Special days, special people and special dishes- I am at my best. Often wonder if it has got to do something with my vanity.

c) The sun and I are not the best of pals. So must have an umbrella whenever I step out in the open- rain or shine.

5. It is said that we should be grateful in life. What are the five things you are grateful for at this point of time?

a) Have a really loving mother, husband, daughter, in- laws, sister and niece and of course the best son-in –law I could have ever asked for.

b) My joint pain which was giving me a hell of a time since the past two decades or so has subsided in fact, my knees seem to be doing really well. Thank my “Marma Vaidyan” for the same.

c) The greenery around me. But don’t know till when the same will last. Anyway no point in fretting about something that may happen in future. Life is all about living in the present.

d) Some really lovely friends.

e) Had a lovely career. Quit it when the time was ripe and so no regrets. Enjoying the freedom of the present.

6. Which blogging platform do you prefer and why?

Now that’s a difficult one. I have two blogs, one on blogger and one on wordpress. While its’ easy to publish posts and put widgets in place on Blogger my wordpress blog takes a lot of time to open up. This at times is really frustrating. But my friends complain they are finding it difficult to post comments on my blogspot blog. They prefer the wordpress one. So, both have their advantages and disadvantages. While one is good for my kin the other is good for my heart.

7. What are the three places you would like to visit in 2014?

I believe I must first explore my motherland before moving out. There is so much I have not seen of her as yet. So, my choice is-

a) Though the sun and I are not the best of pals yet, would love to visit the Sun Temple at Konark, Orissa. Who knows our relationship might change after that.

b) The North East especially Sikkim and Gangtok. Nature has always mesmerized me and for all I hear the North East is blessed by the Gods with the beauty of Nature.

c) The beauty of Lakshdweep , its crystal clear blue waters and coral reefs have left me speechless. Would like to find out whether the Andamans match them.

8. If you could suggest any family member or non blogging friend to blog, who would it be? And why?

My priceless princess, my daughter. I have read some of her diary entries when she was a child. Really loved the way she poured out her heart in them. Though she does not write now-a-days being busy with her research and home, yet wait for the day she will once again resume talking her mind on paper.

9. Is there a place you visited recently, that you would love to go back to? If yes, then tell us why?

Kullu – Manali. The clean surroundings, the beauty of nature, the unpolluted air and water and of course the simple yet beautiful people there have left me spell- bound.

10. If I was to ask you which book/ movie has influenced you the most this year, which one would it be?

“Ustad Hotel” a Malayalam movie written by Anjali Menon, directed by Anwar Rasheed and produced by Listen Stephen under the banner of Magic Frames . It truly is magic on the big screen. A simple yet mesmerizing story, a natural portrayal of life “Ustad Hotel” revolves around Karim an old restaurant owner and his Switzerland educated chef grandson Faizee, the son of a rich businessman. Young Faizee going against his rich father’s wish returns to India where he comes face to face with the basics of the spirit of cooking. He wishes to go to France to pursue his career but in deference to his grandfather’s wish decides to visit Narayanan Krishnan in Madurai whom Kareem has been funding to feed the poor, before leaving. The experience here makes him realize, “Why one should cook?” The true meaning of Kareem’s words that, “anyone can fill a stomach but a good cook should fill the heart as well” dawns on young Faizee. He decides to stay with Ustad Hotel.

A down to earth movie, a must see.

My questions to my nominees

I would like to get to know you my nominees better. So let’s get going and have some fun too

1) Blogging to you means?
2) You are walking alone in the middle of the night. A black cat jumps on you. Your reaction?
3) The climax is nearing. You are anxious to know it. Suddenly your mother-in-law calls you saying it’s urgent. What would you do?
4) A day at home or a week at sea. Which would you prefer and why?
5) Your best companion?
6) You are in the middle of something important at office. Your spouse calls you up just to tell you he/ she loves you. Your reaction?
7) People appreciate you for?
8) Your musings on life in 3 sentences.
9) The one thing you are really scared of?
10) Three things you are really crazy about and why?

And now I am going to inform the nominees as soon as I post this

I have thus officially accepted the award. Thank you Jyothi.

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  1. Ditto on the Sun part. We too are not good friends as yet. I get migraines and skin allergy. 🙂 Ustad Hotel is truly an exceptional movie. I haven’t visited North East or North West of India yet. I would love to go the islands too. Maybe someday I will.

    Good to low more about you Geeta. Take care.


  2. Awww 🙂 🙂 congratz on the award and thank you for the mention. I’m just glad I could pass on the positive vibes I caught along… and thank you for reading my blog 🙂


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