Ten Smart Suraksha Tips


Prevention is better than cure and to prevent any sort of unhappy incident from happening in our life, we have to take necessary steps to secure ourselves. Here are a few tips-

1) Your dress speaks for you. So, dress up appropriately. Wear clothes that suit you. Tight or revealing clothes draw unwanted attention. Avoid them.
2) Get to know your neighbours and people around you. Do not blindly trust anybody. First make a proper assessment of them.
3) Do not reveal too much of yourself or your next of kin and friends to strangers.
4) While storing the telephone numbers of your spouse/ children/ parents/ sisters/ brothers etc. store it under their name and not as husband/ daughter/ son/ mother/ father, etc. This protects you from strangers who may take undue advantage of you or your next of kin if they ever happen to come across your mobile.
5) If you are alone at home, ensure that the doors are locked/ latched properly. Do not open the doors straightaway to strangers. First satisfy yourself of their identity.
6) While travelling by train, if you have to go to the wash/ toilet at odd hours ensure your next of kin/ co- passenger whom you can trust, accompanies you/ is aware of your whereabouts.
7) Greed leads to crime. Carry minimum cash/ valuables while travelling.
8) If you find yourself alone in the ladies coach, debark at the next station and go to a general coach.
9) Make it a point to inform your spouse/ children/ parents at regular intervals of your whereabouts, when you leave home. In this way you ensure that they are aware of your itinerary and that in case you do not contact them at the scheduled time or interval, they are bound to enquire about your well – being and are in a position to take remedial steps or ensure quick relief/ support in case you are in trouble.
10) Charge your mobile batteries at regular intervals so that they do not let you down in case of an emergency. Download the Smart Suraksha App

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at BlogAdda.com in association with Smart Suraksha App.


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