Different shades of life – Nano- fiction


“Tring, Tring, Tring”

The phone rang incessantly but Shanti feared to take it. The war had started and Rahul was at the border fighting fiercely to keep the enemy at bay. Raj came and took the call. Shanti’s ears strained to hear the conversation. It was her son at the other end.

Rosy cheeks

Image courtesy to Phaitoon @http://freedigitalphotos.net/

Image courtesy to Phaitoon @http://freedigitalphotos.net/

Little Riya wanted a rosy cheek just like her little doll. She expressed her desire to Di her elder sister by two years. When mom came home she found a smiling Riya show off her rosy cheeks. Di revealed that she had bitten on Riya’s cheek to make them rosy and cute. Mom was aghast.

The bite

The bus suddenly picked up speed and swerved. Naina tried hard to keep steady but her legs failed her. Suddenly she dug her teeth deep into Deepa’s back. Deepa looked back with fiery eyes only to be greeted by a sheepish grin. Deepa’s anger melted and gave way to a lovely smile.

This post was written based on prompt provided by GBE2 for WEEK #127 (10-20-13 to 10-26-13) wherein we were required to write 3 five sentence nano – fiction stories.

About Geeta Nair

Born in Independent India to two really wonderful people who cherished and nourished me with great care, I consider myself lucky to have had the best that life could offer me. Lucky to have had the best education , the best sibling, the best husband, the best daughter,the best of everything that I could ever want, Love to live life on my terms .

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    • Ha..Ha.. Know who are the real life characters? My younger sister and myself. She was just a little over two then and I was four. Still remember that incident vividly.


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